Shipping & Exchange Policy

We provide free shipping across India. Within 3 working days, your product will be dispatched to your address. If customers do not receive their product within the estimated time, they can contact us at +91 9099500096 or mail us at

Offer and Promotion

General Terms applicable to all promotions

  • Target offers or coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • In the case of Returns / Refunds – for purchases where gifts or items that have not been charged – were a part of the order.

  • All items including the gifts / items that have not been charged need to be returned to claim the refund / get a credit voucher for the entire amount paid. In case the gift or items that have not been charged are not returned – a full refund / credit voucher for full value shall not be issued.

  • There may be a prorated deduction of the value of the gift or item not charged to calculate the credit voucher in case the gift / item not charged has not been returned.

  • Prescription power eyeglasses cannot be covered under the return policy