Cancellation & Refund Policy

We issue refunds for Contracts within 14 days of the original purchase of the Contract. To request a return or exchange, please contact our customer service at +91 9099500096 or mail us at and we will contact you.

Price tags and any other identification tags, invoices and original packing must be retained and sent back. The product should not be used or contain any dirt scratches or tears or briefs. It should not be rendered immaculate. Ensure that the return package is properly sealed and shipped to the Firm as any damage in transit will be your responsibility, and this policy will not apply. You need to specify your order number, date of order and date of receipt. The Firm has a dedicated team to return the returned products. We will investigate and decide whether your request will be final to accept or reject. If your request is accepted by our team, we will refund you 100% towards the shipping cost or provide you with a voucher. Prescription power eyeglasses cannot be covered under the return policy. Only exchange is available for Prescription power eyeglasses / sunglasses.

As stated, you can either get a cash refund or exchange for a voucher. If this is not applicable, you can exchange the purchased product for a different product of the same price or higher value. No difference will be given in exchange for a product of lesser value. The option will be communicated to you either through the email provided by you or through the contact number you have provided us. The Firm is not responsible for any incorrect or incorrect contact details.

You will have a period of 3 working days to confirm your decision. In such a situation we do not receive any communication from you, then your opportunity to get a refund, return or exchange will be lost.

Refunds are processed within 7 working days in the same transaction account.

Exchange Policy

A prescription power Eyeglass value such as a single power, a bi-focal power, or a progressive power Eyeglass value cannot be returned. Any customer who finds any issue with our Prescription power eyeglasses can submit a complaint for an exchange. It will be exchanged with a similar model and lens.

Prescribed glasses are non-refundable. If you face any problem with this then you can commit to an exchange.

Your glasses will be made only by the prescription given by you, if your eye doctor writes a new prescription for you, then you will have to order it separately. New prescriptions not supported for old orders.

General Terms applicable to all promotions

  • Target offers or coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • In the case of Returns / Refunds – for purchases where gifts or items that have not been charged – were a part of the order.

  • All items including the gifts / items that have not been charged need to be returned to claim the refund / get a credit voucher for the entire amount paid. In case the gift or items that have not been charged are not returned – a full refund/credit voucher for full value shall not be issued.

  • There may be a prorated deduction of the value of the gift or item not charged to calculate the credit voucher in case the gift / item not charged has not been returned.

  • Prescription power eyeglasses cannot be covered under the return policy