1. Where is your HO located?
Ans. Our HO is located at 204, Pattani building, M.G. Road, Rajkot – 360 001 (Gujarat) INDIA

2. Do you have any other branch?
Ans. Yes, we have our Ahmedabad branch located at Siddhivinayak towers, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad

3. What is your Customer support number?
Ans. Our Sales officers will be always on-board to receive you.
You can contact:
Kalpesh Nathani: +91 70464 14445
Parin Desai: +91 98252 15218

4. What is your Customer support e-mail?
Ans. response@oorjaenterprises.in

5. Where can I see Price list?
Ans. You can view and download our Standard Retail Pricelist here

6. Is there any application of OORJA?
Ans. Yes, we have our application in Android Play Store; our application will be accessible to you on request.


1. How should I clean my OORJA Lenses?
Ans. 2 Simple steps to clean OORJA Lenses as crystal clear:
Step 1: Spray a little bit of OORJA Lens cleaner on authentic OORJA Micro fiber cloth.
Step 2: Rub gently over the Lens surface on both the sides of OORJA Lenses.

2. What should be used to clean OORJA Lenses?
Ans. We have discovered one of the best Lens cleaner which is totally Alcohol-free and will keep your Lens coating durable and will look as promising as new.

3. How will I know, I should change my Lenses?
Ans. There are 3 major signs you should change your Lenses:
  1. If you’re getting headache more often than your prescription might be out-of-date. You should take an appointment of Optometrist and take out new prescription to make new Glasses.
  2. If you’re squinting to better focus on your vision, squinting is a sign you need new OORJA Lenses.
  3. If your Lenses are scratched, you might seem to be unobtrusive but it can lead you to Eye strains. Thanks to OORJA Lenses which resists Scratches and repels water in addition.

OORJA Lenses

1. Which Lens is best for Driving?
Ans. OORJA Easy Drive Lenses are highly recommended for Driving purposes. It maintains Contrast Enhancement, resists glare, opposes light scattering and even defends from Blue light. For more info, click here

2. Which Lens is best for Reflection-free experience?
Ans. OORJA Diamond White (Low-Flex) Lenses are the best-in-class Zero reflection lenses. Its finest monomer gives a Diamond-like Clear base and the highest transparency. For more info, click here

3. Which Lens is best for Digital Media usage?
Ans. OORJA Blue Block Lenses are highly recommended for those who have to stare screens all-day. Essential features of OORJA’s Blue Block Lenses are to keep your eyes protected from harmful Blue Light, Improvised sleeping cycle, Resists glare, dust and smudges. For more info, click here

4. Is there any alternative for bifocal lenses?
Ans. Yes, There is OORJA Progressive Lenses which are designed for those who have far & near prescriptions. For more info, click here

5. Which material is being used in OORJA Lenses?
Ans. We provide benchmark materials like MR-7, MR-8, CR-39 and KOC-55 in our products.

6. Which coating is being used in OORJA Lenses?
Ans. We provide long lasting Super Hydrophobic coatings in our premier lenses. To explore more coatings, Visit our Products page.

7. How durable is OORJA Lenses?
Ans. Our lenses are notable for its long lasting coating durability and Scratch resistant qualities. A normal daily user can lasts OORJA lenses for 2+ years.