Evolution of Progressive Lenses has been since 1959. OORJA is happy to take lead in the league of its developed stage with its Easy Adaptability feature.

Progressive Lenses offer correction for Reading, intermediate and also Distance Vision needs. As these lenses are ‘No-line Bifocals’, they eliminate ‘Image Jump’, which forms sharper images throughout the Retina and gives more youthful and attractive appearance.

  • OORJA's Progressive Lenses are crafted in CROSSBOW PETITE ADVANCE DESIGN.
  • OORJA's Progressive Lenses are privileged to be crafted with FREEFORM technology.
All OORJA Progressive Lenses are integrated with Wide Corridor Functionality and Digital Eye View, which satisfy seamless transition across the entire lens for distance, intermediate and near too.

If in your prescription, your need for near and far distant vision in the same lens is prescribed, then you need OORJA Progressive Lenses.

Progressive freeform | Crossbow

Symptoms of Exposure to harmful blue light

A Digital Crafting
and beautiful experiences.

OORJA Progressive Lenses transit seamlessly amongst distance, intermediate and near vision and block 99% of the harmful Blue Light and UV Rays.

OORJA Progressive Lenses reduce Eye Strain, improves Sleep and enhances the well-being of our eyes.

Be ‘Progressive’ with our OORJA Progressive Lenses.