Photo Grey

OORJA Photochromic lenses provide optimal visual comfort and protection. When these lenses are exposed to UV light, the transmission of molecules changes and following factor influence the light transmission and darken the lenses as Eye shield. 'Optical Visual Change' technology miraculously works for darkening the tint of lens within 30 seconds when exposed to harmful UV lights

It has special chemical coating that transforms the lenses into our vibrant color combinations varying according to light conditions. These lenses are best for people who do not wish to carry sunglasses and prescription lenses simultaneously.

Easy adaptability to the tint according to the light conditions is the key feature of OORJA Photochromic lenses. Our standard colors darken faster and even fade back to clear within 60-80 seconds. This prevents eye strain, headaches, and reduces exposure to harmful light.

Photo Grey

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OORJA Photochromatic lenses are composed with ‘Optical Visual Change’ technology that miraculously works for darkening the tint of lens within just 30 seconds when exposed to UV light.

Available in 4 exciting colors: Grey, Pink, Purple and Blue.