HMC Super Gold / Green

OORJA’s significant product with the finest long lasting coating of Super Green/Gold is highly featured with some of the magnificent benefits.

We all know that when our sweat gets on the lens, they are likely to create such droplets, which lead to form optical distortion.

OORJA Super Green/Gold’s hydrophobic coating is anti-static that keeps the water, dust and dirt away from your eye glasses. Even if, such particles come into contact with OORJA Super Green/Gold Hydrophobic coated lenses, they will definitely fall off. We recommend this product especially to athletes and person who doesn’t forgets their routine work out.

Our signature coating of Super Gold Hydrophobic product is also Anti-Glare, Anti-Dust and Scratch Resistant.

Thanks to UV 380 protection that shields your eyes against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

hmc super

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