Easy Drive

Easy Drive lenses are best suited for those, who need to drive vehicles often at dusk or night time over and above the day time. They have been specially designed to reduce the strain due to headlights of other vehicles on the road and exposure to its reflections. It eliminates internal reflections of lights extracting from street lights and car headlamps. The lens coating can reduce those HEV (High Energy Visible) light reflections at night to a larger extent.

Our Easy Drive Lens uses Anti-Glare, Anti-Scatter, Anti-Reflective technology specially to block HEV Light between 400-450nm emerging from high brightness LED light sources.

We, at OORJA, have studied that smudges can cut your vision, and form optical aberration. OORJA Easy Drive Lenses are resistant to not only water, but also smudges and dust, thanks to its premium SHMC coating!

Glad to state that OORJA Easy Drive Lens is also infused with Blue Block technology – providing greater protection against harmful Blue Light of digital devices like mobiles, computers and also UV Rays from immense sun rays. Whether driving a car, bike or any other such vehicles of your choice; healthier wearing experience for all users is guaranteed.


7% of this type of radiation is in the sunlight, but the damage is permanent and cumulative. The ozone layer filters only a small part of it, but the rest of UV radiation (in particular UVA and UVB) causes harmful and irreversible effects on our eyes and skin, such as cataracts and burns in a short time. Thus, the need for fully blocking the UV light up to 400nm in all kinds of ophthalmic lenses is advocated.


30% of this type of radiation is in the sunlight, but can sometimes go beyond 45%. White LED affects melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, alters the natural circadian rhythm or altering sleep. OORJA Easy Drive Lens cures all such side effects caused by the aforesaid reasons.


With the multi-protection technology, OORJA’s Easy Drive lens is able to provide great protection against harmful Blue Rays emerging from digital devices, like mobiles, computers and also give protection against UV Rays coming from strong sunshine, granting healthier wearing experience for us all users.

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We all know that scattering of HEV (High Energy Visible) light and glare bring us to standstill. This leads to blurry vision, cloud forming, glaucoma and many such hazardous side effects to our eyes.

OORJA is here to make our drive adventurous. Some of its salient features are contrast enhancement, anti-light scattering, anti-glare and easy adaptability while driving at starry nights. See our video to explore more!