"Block the Blues and Let the Happiness in".

Our Blue Block or blue light filtering lenses cut out more blue light than regular lenses. They boost the production of melatonin, and aid with falling asleep faster too. They are the best in the market to protect one’s eyes from strain due to screens and other devices. They keep the eyes fresh and help prevent blurred vision and recurring headaches due to screen time by digital devices like mobile, computer, and UV rays from immense sunshine. More your eyes come across Blue light absorption, the higher the risk of color distortion whereas UV light causes a tissue growth to form on the cornea which leads to form Eye webs.

Our Premier line of product Blue Block enhances your clarity of vision with High transmittance and reduces the probability of having Cataracts, Macular Degeneration.

These lenses are treated with a super hydrophobic coating that repels moisture and prevents smudging. This prevents droplets and stains from sticking to the lenses, and provides extra durability and easy to clean.

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Symptoms of Exposure to harmful blue light

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We inhabit a world of screens, even more screens than people. Screens emit artificial hazardous Blue Light.

Studies show that exposure to this light can cause Eye strain, Exhaustion, Puffiness, Headache, Dizziness and can also ruin our Sleep cycle.

OORJA Blue Block lenses cuts out 99% of this harmful light and protect your eyes from various eye diseases and improves your routine sleep cycle to rise fresher.